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Our SEO Process


First we want to check your existing website for any errors, inconsistencies, or anything that would rank you lower on search results.


Search Engine Optimization is a long, on-going process. To successfully get ranked higher on search engines, we implement multiple techniques and strategies into an all-inclusive, progressive digital marketing plan!


After executing your digital marketing plan, we closely monitor your web traffic and rankings. We’ll provide monthly comprehensive reports on how your website is performing and improving.

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine and with over 100 billion searches being conducted each month, SEO helps make sure your not missing potential customers.

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Our Strategies

Keyword Research

We research all industry related keywords to ensure you aren’t missing any potential customers searching for your business!



Google loves unique content, we have copywriters create engaging content related to your business and services. Using targeted keywords frequently in your content will increase chances of being searched by a potential customer.

Link Building

Developing online relationships with other websites related to your industry is key to being found easier. If credible websites or directories are posting your website on theirs, it makes your website more credible to Google thus ranking you higher!

Local SEO

Making sure all your local listings such as Yelp, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, BBB, ETC is a key essential to SEO. If a potential customer is making a local search on Google, you better make sure you name, address, and phone number and accurate across the board.


Meta Tags

Every single one of your web pages needs a meta tag description, which is the small snippet of text that shows up on search results for people to know what is your page about. Using targeted keywords in your description will enhance overall SEO.

Social Media Activity

Being active on social media is crucial for SEO. If you integrate fresh content from your social media accounts onto your website, Google ranks will rank you higher depending on levels of activity. Make sure you keep tweeting and blogging it’s a great way to keep you relevant in search results.

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